Summer Engagement Downtown Milwaukee WI

If you haven't noticed, I am a kind of a sucker for love stories.

As soon as I get a wedding inquiry I ask about their love story. This really helps me learn more about the couple. I want to know everything right down to the day their significant other proposed.

Who doesn't enjoy telling their own love story?!

When Christina emailed me her and Baba's love story, I couldn't help but get so excited for them. Okay, so I hadn't met them YET but I knew they would be an AMAZING couple to work with.

Christina and Baba's love story, as told by Christina:

Baba and I met off in 2015. I had wanted to cancel my account after 6 long months of millions of dates and minimal sparks, but forgot to do so (thank heavens!) After a kayak bar crawl one night, and guy friend of mine had asked about the site and why I wasn't feeling particularly excited about the dating world as I once had been. After explaining all of my dating woes, I told him that there was this one handsome stud who I'd seen the day before, and found fascinating... but sadly he hadn't messaged me yet. After some gentle encouragement (booze, let's be serious) and advice, my friend and I sent Baba a simple one sentence message. The next week before our first date was filled with witty banter, excellent grammar/punctuation, and lots of excitement. We spent the first hour of our date exchanging movie quotes, sarcasm, fun facts, and everything under the sun. We ended up being so wrapped up in each other that 6 hours of conversation felt like minutes. Every date since then has left me feeling the same as the first- I can't wait to hear what he has to say next, and vice versa!

After planning a visit to Minneapolis for a quick post-Christmas trip, Baba proposed in the middle of the Minnesota airport and whipped out our connecting flight tickets to New York- the first of many adventures! We're VERY excited for November 4th, and are looking for someone who has a creative spin to their photography. (Hey! That's me :D)

Magical, right?