Gavyn did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding on September 23, 2017! She really takes the extra effort to make sure that you get all of the pictures and details of your day documented and ensures that nothing is left out. She’s adventurous and will do what it takes to make sure your day if captured with perfection. She even took a brewery tour with our crazy wedding party! :D I highly recommend Gavyn to everyone looking for a fun loving, down to earth photographer!
— Katie B. | The Knot
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Photo By: Tiffaney Childs Photography

I've been known to put others before myself in most situations. I will also be the one to tell you if you're on the verge of a nip slip or if you should ditch the hat and own your messy waves. I'm honest to a fault. I make it a point to be a shoulder to lean on and a reliable resource for my family and friends to always turn to. I put out in the world exactly what I want back and that is, honesty, reliability, and compassion. I graduated from the University of Milwaukee with a degree in Psychology. I had full intention of furthering my studies and becoming a therapist. Life had other plans for me. After a road-trip through Europe, I fell in love with the art of photography. I brought my love for beautiful photographs back to the states and I ran with it. I never looked back and here
 I am.  There is nothing I would rather be investing my time and talents into other than what truly fuels my fire.

On an average day you can find me cuddled up with my two cats, Emmy and Espy, watching reruns of New Girl and diving in fist deep into a carton of Ben & Jerry's dairy-free ice cream. I enjoy being outside just as much. In fact, if I happen to be walking past a (Bernese Mountain) dog or driving along a horse pasture, I am most definitely turning all of my attention to them. (Sorry Dom!)
I believe the best impressions are made in person. Face to face interaction is my jam. Are you a tea lover? Matcha? or maybe the classic cup of coffee? Does your dog need a day at the dog park? (I have no dog and no excuse to go to a dog park unless you bring yours hahaha). Whatever you prefer, I'm down!

Pictured above: Emmy and Espy's best "Blue Steel" impression. How'd they do?